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Customize your own look. It really push your company branding to new heights. Social media has become the new word-of-mouth marketing and it has changed the way people dine out. Many have become hooked on taking and sharing pictures of what they eat.This presents a great opportunity for you to actively promote your restaurant's brand by emblazing your Logo on your dinnerware.

Ever search for a place to buy custom printed dinnerware?Now you know has what you're looking for!We accept customized orders against customers' artwork, specifying dedesigns,specifications and many other requirements.

At Flyingcolorsglobal, we will help you have the products in your way at a competitive price!

What kinds of customization can we do?


    Customer Cases

Here are some custom printed products that we have created for other customers in the past.

FQA (A must-read before starting a new customization project)

What kinds of customization do you offer?

We mainly offer a wide variety of customization for an wide selection of stainless steel flatware, porcelain dishware, glasses and goblets and table linens. We also customize painting, food packing bag, brochure, menu, poster etc.

Can you design artwork to customized product ?

Yes! We would be happy to assist you with your personal logo or design. You just need to give us your ideas. Our graphic design team is dedicated to helping you brainstorm, conceptualize, design and create the design you want.

What kinds of technology methods do you use?

We employ, train, and partner with experts in laser printing, screen printing, high fire ceramic decal decoration, sublimation, embroidery and various methods of personalization. We will discuss your project and then suggest the best decoration way for you depending upon the pieces you select, how they will be used and your artwork --- You just watch your ideas come to life!

What can be printed on the order?

Restaurant’s logos, message, images, specialized colors, themes, shapes and more. Anything is possible. You dream it the can make it. A brand’s vision and message are always recommended as they are two essential components to help customers identify and connect with your brand a lot quicker.

What colors can you print?

Basically, there is no limitation on colors for porcelain dinnerware and table linens. We can print any colors you like or against your artwork even special colors, such as gold and silver. In order to ensure the highest precision printing results and the artwork will not be rubbed out, we adopt laser printing for stainless steel flatware. All artworks are printed only in dark beige as the page shows.

Is there a minimum quantity for customization order?

Custom flatware, dinnerware and table linens have a minimum order of 30pcs for each item and size.

How about the pricing to customize the dinnerware?

Our pricing varies depending on the quantity, size, shape of the tableware you choose as well as the complexity/size of the artwork. We print using advanced ceramic decal paper and kiln fire the decoration to around 800+ degrees Celsius. The result --- very economical pricing, the highest resolution possible, commercial durability and brilliant color.

What can I do if I don't have any existed brand, design or artwork?

If you would like help in designing your own unique brand or pattern, we have a graphic design team to assist you to design the perfect artwork for your company! Choose from thousands of options, depending on your restaurant theme and desired feel of the dinnerware.

How long does it take to receive customized items?

85% of our products are in stock. However, adding customization typically takes o 2~4 weeks for production and processing, plus shipping. All of the items in your order will ship together. Delivery times depend on selected shipping options.

How is the quality of your products?

All customized items are FDA approved and safe for foodservice commercial use.

How much does customization cost?

For s/s flatware and table line, customization cost is already included in our quotation. For porcelain dinnerware, there is no sample charge for 1 color artwork. But sample cost may occur subject to the order quantity and complexity of the artwork and design.

What does company guarantees as far as satisfaction, price and security?

We guarantee that we will do our best to meet all your expectations and provide you with an outstanding shopping experience. Please click here  to see all our company's guarantees.

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Customization Package Products

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Enhance your tabletop with a unique custom design&logo.Enjoy the least expensive way to actively and improve your business and brand.Display your restaurant's Logo,name,image design, massage,theme and more.Anything is possible!


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