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CU-BL3200-Company customize Logo pattern

Appropriate for microwave oven, oven and dishwasher
Material Introduction:
Our product is made of intensified porcelain,unbreakable, hard, shapable, resistant to collision and stackable.
Soft whiteness and good light-admitting quality, presenting the texture and brightness different from common porcelains.

Printing technology:

1. Arrange and make the decal after receiving your artwork.
2. Artificially paste the decal to corresponding position on the ceramic dinnerware.
3 .Put it into the kiln after airing and fire it under high temperature of 800 degree Celsius .
4. The graphic decal will integrate into the ceramic glaze after sintering, so it cannot be washed off.
Self-owned factory:
Focus on quality porcelain and professional LOGO customization
Accord with the food safety standards of Europe and America
Environmental, healthy, simple and elegant.
Support changing or refunding for damaged goods.

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