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Customize Your Own Look

What's Better Than Free Marketing?

If you have a plan to purchase new tableware for your restaurant, unique and interesting patterns decorated with your logo and designs are an effective way to make your menu items stand out.Social media has become the new word-of-mouth marketing.Many have become hooked on taking and sharing pictures of what they eat.This presents a great opportunity for you to actively promote your restaurant's brand to foster client to loyalty.Remember people eat with their eyes first.


Just 5 Minutes to Start Your Custom Project with Flyingcolors

We offer 2 OPTIONS you can choose from PACKAGE ORDER or SPECIAL PERSONALIZED ORDER Package order is also called semi-custom order so the products to be custom printed are existing from our catalog. Special personalized order allows customers customize shapes, materials and textures for their tableware.We reserve the right of all tableware designs and photos.



Following is ourPACKAGE ORDERincluding steak knives,forks, plates, blows, napkins and so on that are basically used in a restaurant or you might often buy and all the products can be custom printed with your logo, design or text. We always offer 10% DISCOUNTon order amount for the following package.


The tableware can be made according to your idea, sketch or sample.If you have an idea of creating your tableware more beautiful and special for your restaurant theme, events and parties and corporate gifts, please contact us and we'll gladly get back to you right away!

Contact Us for Free Tips to Market Your Restaurant with Customized Tableware. Over 80,000
Custom Designs are Ready for Your Option!Perfect to Your Restaurant!


Case Show

Flatware·Customer Case

Here are some custom printed products that
we have created for other customers in the past.

Dishware·Customer Cases

Here are some custom printed products that
we have created for other customers in the past.

Table Linen · Customer Case

Here are some custom printed products that
we have created for other customers in the past.




Flatware+Dinnerware+Table Linen =One Design Solution

Create Whatever You Imagine Into Reality Directly from Factory
At Flyingcolorsglobal!


Flyingcolors offers customization service for its tableware.In addition to customization by emblazing the most essentials tabletop items,flatware,disware and table linen,with your name and designs. Flyingcolors,as a matter of fact, offers tailored integrated design solution and small run manufacture of these items to enhance your cuisine and reflect the brand,culture,design and theme of your restaurant concept.With artful tabletop items being in continual use throughout the meal,this is an excellent subliminal way to keep your brand as a focal point for the overall dining experience.